Discussion of Two Agile Coaches (Erin Perry & Gene Gendel): Uncomfortable Topics Addressed

Erin Perry and Gene Gendel (his site) have known each other for almost a decade through past work and continuous networking.  They both had agreed to have a candid talk about some of their personal work experiences.  The whole recording is about 35 minutes. But there is no fluff. This is slides-free dialogue of two experienced coaches, with many years of industry experience. Erin and Gene are exposing some most pressing  and somewhere uncomfortable topics.

Topics addressed:

  • How do you keep your head up when you’ve seen agility rolled back or stopped over and over again?
  • What mistakes are you seeing over and over again with large scale agility?
  • What are some of the biggest external challenges that organizations face today, with respect to agile guidance (e.g. low quality agile staffing,  big consultancies)?
  • Why organizational agility is in jeopardy, when there is heavy reliance on external vendors (development & testing) that are not familiar with agile, beyond knowing how to spell it?  What could be done to mitigate this problem?

1 thought on “Discussion of Two Agile Coaches (Erin Perry & Gene Gendel): Uncomfortable Topics Addressed”

  1. DDTs == “Death-Driven Transformations” — I *LOVE* this!!!

    Its the resurrection of Yourdon’s “Death March” in today’s transformation & maturity obssessed climate!


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