LeSS with Gene and James: Focusing on Fundamentals. Reducing “Second Market” Frameworks.


Why do we need more fancy frameworks? Why not re-focus on having small successes with good-n-old fundamentals?

The history of Agile Manifesto (AM) and Scrum has 20+ years. Yet, the % of companies that are consistent with basic principles of AM that can demonstrate rudimentary success with Scrum is still very low.

These are the current market trends:

  • Agile and Scrum – are now a mainstream/trend/fashion/style
  • Agile coaching – has become another name for many ex-roles
  • Enterprise scaling – seems to be the main goal for companies
  • Large consultancies and business opportunists:
  • Take full advantage of the situation and create “magic scaling solutions”, by relabeling/repackaging/hijacking good-n-old concepts
  • Trivialize what has been already known for decades, to upsell their own, “improved solutions” (analogy: you cannot sell your own brand of a dish detergent, unless you convince your customers that all other brands are ineffective).

What the market needs:

  • Less up-sale and marketing
  • Less “magnificent new frameworks” and “enterprise operating models”
  • More successes with basic fundamentals

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