LeSS Talks: August 29: Dependency Myth Busting – Avoiding the Beliefs That Can Kill Agility @ Scale, with Ken Rubin

Here is a short synopsis of Ken Ruben’s talk:
  • More project managers, PM teams and tools (e.g. Jira) will not solve your problems
  • More advanced ‘dependency management processes’ will not solve your problems
  • Misalignment of OKRs between multiple POs – this is what excessive dependency management leads to
  • Escalation to C-Level is not always the right solution
  • “Going from component teams to feature teams will solve ALL dependencies” – this is a wrong assumption.

If you would like to watch the recording of Ken’s talk, please email directly at hello@innolution.com, to request access.

You may also consider enrolling into Ken’s class “Dependencies Are Killing Your Agility: Learn to Fight Back!

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