Lunch & Learn Session

Lunch and Learn (L&L) is a great way to collaborate in an informal and relaxing atmosphere, engaging people from different organizational domains and layers.  One of the big advantages of L&L is that people feel more comfortable to interact with on another on par, regardless of their organizational  positioning and relationships (e.g. reporting).   L&L can be also tailored for specific teams, groups, departments or senior management.

L&L, typically conducted by a facilitator (usually, an experienced multi-skilled and impartial to internal dynamics coach-trainer), and can be delivered in the form of a general overview,  targeted/tailored mini-training, preliminary organizational assessment or a comprehensive Q&A.

Here are some recommended L&L topics for organizations that have gone down the path of agile/adaptive transformation:

  • Organizational design and system dynamics
  • Values/norms, principles, practices
  • Frameworks and processes
  • Role, responsibilities, relationships
  • Events, artifacts, Internal agreements
  • Tooling, communication, interactions
  • Location strategies, multi-site distribution
  • Career paths, compensation, professional development

Following lunch & learn session, an organization (department, group or team) may decide to either follow through with changes/improvements, by relying on its own internal capabilities  or by further engaging with an expert-leader in any of the following capacities: further (in-depth) organizational assessment and/or tailored training and/or continuous coaching (with subsequent periodic reassessments).

Even in an initial Lunch & Learn session does not turn into a longer-term engagement, it should still be viewed as a great learning experience for both parties: an organization and coach-trainer.  Feel free to reach out to Gene and request him facilitate a session for  your organization.