Mentoring Coaches

Transforming the world of work (the motto of Scrum Alliance) requires a critical mass of people with a strong coaching mindset and organizational coaching capability. Developing these traits is not easy and requires many years of hard work and commitment

Unfortunately, due to increased market demands, some people (described by Larman’s Law #4) prefer to quickly switch their careers, and ‘fast-track’ themselves to becoming a coach, without proper learning, education and experience.

Many organizations do not clearly understand what they should be looking for when they engage with a professional coach, and by hiring under-qualified people, further exacerbate the coaching quality problem.

Scrum Alliance has established a high benchmark for professional coaching, by creating the program Certified Team Coach (CTC). If you take coaching seriously (as a role AND profession) and wish to contribute to further elevating the bar of agile coaching quality, this program could be for you.

To apply for and receive CTC credential, you must have pre-application qualifications and then meet application requirements.

Please, review the following:

Please note that the process is divided into two parts, which are outlined in more detail on the SAMPLE CTC Applications:

Ultimately, before applying you need to validate your overall readiness, based on this Readiness Checklist.

To succeed on this journey, you may need a qualified coach-mentor who take you along…

Gene Gendel is Certified Enterprise and Team Coach (CEC-CTC), with many years of experience, as a coach, consultant, mentor and trainer.  Gene is also one of co-creators of the CTC program.

Gene runs a mentoring program on-schedule and on-demand.  If you are interested in joining one of his upcoming mentoring cohorts, towards CTC credential, please use the form below to submit your inquiry.

Please, use the form below to provide your feedback or submit an inquiry. Thank you.

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