Large Scale Scrum Training

Consider highly interactive LeSS training through an accredited Certified LeSS Coaching Company, delivered by an experienced LeSS trainer and coach.

If you are self-funding your education, please inquire about a special discount.  If you wish to request a private class for your company, instead of attending a public lass, please submit an inquiry at the bottom of this page.

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As Certified LeSS Trainer, Gene Gendel is a part of a small group of world-class experienced LeSS organizational-design consultants, executive coaches and change experts that have deep expertise in Product Management and Development. Gene is a skilled trainer and experienced facilitator, who knows how to engage a class in-person and virtually. Gene delivers public and private training (below).In his training, Gene appropriately balances theory and practical discussions, leveraging his extensive experience of coaching and consulting for various organizations, over many years. Through exercises and system modelling sessions, Gene helps his students discover and own their own discoveries. Gene does not teach to fine-printed power point slides and unproven hypos. In his classes, students have many ‘aha’ moments and learn how to see things that they no longer can “un-see”.

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