LeSS with Gene and James: Communicate in Code & Integrate Continuously

The following two LeSS guides for technical excellence are captured in LeSS book 1 and 2:

  • Guide: Communicate in Code. This is the best way for developers to exchange information and understand each other’s work. Reading someone’s clean code and not having the need to be given additional interpretation of what the code means is a strong indicator of developer’s proficiency
  • Guide: Integrate Continuously: “We have installed Jenkins and connected it to Jira” – is hardly an indication that a team has CI/CD pipeline. The ladder should be viewed as developer’s practice/behavior, not as a tool.

Below are some LeSS experiments that are supportive of these two guides:
Try… Very early, develop a walking skeleton with tracer code

  • Avoid… Architects hand off to ‘coders’
  • Try… Technical leaders teach during code reviews
  • Try… Raise awareness of the negative impact of legacy code

Source: LeSS: The Complete Picture

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