LeSS with Gene and James: Improving Quickly Requires Fixing Structure

  • Deep and narrow organizational design changes aligned with adaptability can produce fruitful outcomes far faster than applying management pressure to squeeze improved performance out of the status quo system.
  • A deep and narrow LeSS adoption will rapidly produce improvement in adaptability and value delivery, even when the discomfort resulting from increased transparency sometimes makes it feel otherwise.
  • The value of using a private Certified LeSS Practitioner or Certified LeSS for Executives course as a way to achieve management alignment at the beginning of a LeSS adoption.
  • The ability of an external Certified LeSS Trainer to provide consultation which is less influenced by the existing power dynamics of a client organization when compared to inside council.
  • Balancing between external vs. internal agile training and coaching support, and the benefits of decentralized vs. centralized internal agile coaches within an organization.

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