Nov 15-17: Certified LeSS For Executives with Craig Larman | NYC

3 days of deep insights, system thinking, reflections, discovering and owning the system we operate within! Thank you Gene Gendel for the recommendation!  3 days with Craig Larman were thought provoking, deep, and inspiring! Read the complete Linked post by Elena Aminova


“To the wall” is something you’ll hear a lot from Craig Larman when you take his Systems Thinking & Organization Design training. The wall is a powerful tool where we to learn to think like a scientist, psychologist, and an economist – as a team.  What a powerful three days packed with discovering my own insights! I’ll have more to share after the dust settles! Read the complete LinkedIn post by Madeleine Terry


I had the pleasure to join the ‘LeSS for Executives’ class facilitated by Craig Larman, needless to say, it was a deep learning week for me with plenty of creative ideas generated in just a few days.  We experienced thought-provoking ideas that required us to think slow, dive deeper, and open our minds to really reflect on some of the key observations, insights, and stories we’ve seen or heard across organizations globally Read the complete LinkedIn by Haroon Khalil 



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