LeSS Talks: You and AI: Navigating an Uncertain Job Market, with Heidi Araya

As a global consultant, inventor, and author with over two decades of experience, Heidi Araya has dedicated her career to driving multimillion-dollar business improvements using a people-first approach. Her expertise lies in enhancing organizational effectiveness and fostering innovation, underpinned by a deep understanding of industry dynamics and organizational psychology. With a keen interest in AI’s transformative potential, Heidi has immersed herself in building AI chatbots for authors and content creators, participating in a data science program at MIT, and actively studying and utilizing Large Language Models. These pursuits underscore her belief in AI’s significant impact on our lives and careers. In this talk, Heidi will draw upon her rich experience in organizational dynamics and forays into various aspects of AI to guide attendees through the rapidly-evolving career landscape impacted by rapid AI advancements. Heidi’s insights will help professionals navigate and thrive in a job market characterized by rapid technological change and increasing uncertainty.

Note: Heidi is looking for a small to medium-sized business or non-profit who is looking to scale its operations while effectively supporting customers (or perhaps can’t effectively support customers today and is wanting to solve this problem).  If you know a business in this situation, please put us in touch or send them to https://brightlogicgroup.com/

In this talk, Heidi will share into how AI is reshaping both the job search market and current roles — influencing career choices, and necessitating new skills. Attendees will gain a comprehensive view of the AI and other trends that are shaping the 2024 job market and learn strategies to adapt to these changes. This session aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to not only navigate and thrive in an AI-driven world, but also help you be proactive and prepared for rapid market changes.

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