LeSS Talks: Internal [Unintentional] Distortions of LeSS

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In this discussion we spoke about some most common distortions of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS & LeSS Huge), seen within organizations, when LeSS terminology was applied, internally, without deep understanding of its meaning.  We also focused on systemic implications of such misuse and omissions.

The following was discussed:

  • Multiple Component (or even Feature/Product Teams) Teams, sprinting concurrently != LeSS
  • “LeSS Huge – Is Our Ultimate Goal” – this is a really bad goal.
  • 1-2 Teams per [Product] Requirement Area != LeSS Huge
  • Technology Area != Requirement Area (of LeSS Huge)
  • “Area Product” (no such term in LeSS) != [Product] Requirement Area.

Relevant reference: LeSS with Gene and James: Internal [Unintentional] Distortions of LeSS

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