Presenting & Facilitating

I am a public speaker, panelist, facilitator and blogger.  I actively participate and contribute to many Agile and Scrum communities, globally and locally.  This also helps me stay abreast of important developments that take place in agile space. [Past recordings.]

Topics that I cover, include:

  • Organizational Agility and System Dynamics
  • Budgeting & Finance in Agile Organizations
  • HR and people in Agile Organizations
  • Agile Teams Structure and Dynamics
  • Agile Leadership
  • Roles and Responsibilities on Agile teams
  • Scaling Agility

I also present privately (internally), on-demand.  If you think you have an interesting Agile topic that you would like to bring to a public forum or if your organization wants host an internal agile event, panel discussion, Q&A, or needs an impartial facilitator to broker an internal debate, please reach out to me to discuss options.

Please, use the form below to provide your feedback or submit an inquiry. Thank you.