LeSS Talks: Ending the Age of Misery, by Andy Hunt ( Agile Manifesto Co-Creator)

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The the following key “AVOID” points were made:

  • Avoid endless ticketing systems and [JIRA] “ticket-driven development”
  • Avoid seeing “agile” now == Half-assed Scrum plus Jira tickets
  • Avoid small tasks disconnected with context
  • Avoid bogus “snake oil” tools & methods
  • Avoid disconnected leadership, stakeholders, product owners, etc.
  • Avoid destructive Social Media platforms
  • Avoid disinformation and manipulation
  • Avoid naive adoption of Large Language Models (chatGPT, et al. It ain’t AI.)
  • Avoid individual-goal oriented only
  • Avoid people being micro-managed, threatened, to deliver
  • Avoid people need to be told what to do
  • Avoid people have no intrinsic incentive to work, need $$ rewards
  • Avoid people viewed as resources (not as assets)

For more “AVOID” and some important “TRY” recommendations, please download the materials.

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