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What is Adaptive Ecosystems Private Slack Work Space?

Agile Discussion Slack Group: Adaptive Ecosystems work-space has been organized  and it is FREE.  This space is where people can join and exchange thoughts and ideas on various topics with peers, as well as receive quick answers and expert guidance to some pressing questions they may have,  from me – the owner of this site and the Slack group (Gene Gendel), on  various topics related to:

  • Quality/future of agile coaching profession
  • Choices of agile coach career path, including a pursuit of recognized coaching credentials (e.g. CTC, CEC)
  • Ideas/recommendations for misplaced agile coaches (good ones!) to secure jobs
  • Help to companies-clients to connect directly with skilled candidates
  • DevOps/Engineering and Agile coaching
  • HR topics
  • Finance/Budgeting topics
  • Organizational Design and System Dynamics
  • and more…

Each distinct topic will eventually have its own, dedicated Slack channel.  If the group collectively decides that there are other unique themes that require a separate channel, one may be created, on-demand.

Of course, if at any point in time anyone feels that they need additional personal time with the organizer, this could be discussed and arranged separately.

What about the name “Adaptive Ecosystem”? 

The word “adaptive” is synonymous with the word “agile” but the former is much less misunderstood and misused in the industry.

The word “ecosystem” implies that what this group intends to focus on – is the whole system, not just on one or few of its silo-ed domains (e.g. IT-only, Operations-only, tooling-only)

This group is a collaboration space. Although the organizer’s participation will be noticeable, you should expect to be getting a lot of value from communicating with other group members directly. Especially, as the group grows and more subject-specific channels are being formed, by exchanging thoughts and ideas, by posting questions, things should become more interesting for everyone.

The ultimate purpose of this group is to bring together most dedicated and genuinely interested in the subject individuals, and engage them in meaningful and productive discussions, with support of an experienced guide, mentor, coach and trainer.  

Why Slack (not e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook or another platform)?

Slack is fast, robust, flexible.  On Slack, it is easy to exchange information and attachments.  Slack does not pull along a long ‘track’ of personal connections, friends, exchanges, that people may want to keep private.  It is just better for what this group is meant for.

How to join:

Agile Discussion Slack Group: Adaptive Ecosystems – is a self-subscribe community. Please, join at will.

Subscription & Membership Fees:

It does not cost anything to join – no subscription fees.  At this time, membership is free as well.   At some later point, potentially, there could be some nominal/minimal subscription fee (monthly).  This will only happen if group size grows significantly and it will require some additional maintenance from the organizer.  But this is too far in a future.  And if this happens, you will be notified far in advance.

Guidelines and Work Agreements:
  • The group is meant to be a very safe, non- judgmental environment.
  • Thoughts, ideas and opinions (even strong ones) – will be welcomed.
  • Foul language, rudeness, condescending tone, personal attacks or other inappropriate behaviors – will not be tolerated
  • Long, irrelevant discussions – will be discouraged. People will be asked to exchange directly or outside the slack channel if they feel they really need to deviate from main-stream topics.
  • Active solicitation for business or promotions are not allowed, unless cleared with the organizer first.

If you have any questions, please reach out through the form below:

Please, use the form below to submit your inquiry. If you are interested in training, coaching or consulting support, please provide, as much information as you can in the 'Message' field below: