LeSS Talks: Shift From Frantic and Stressful to Focused and Strategic PBR

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  • AVOID Projects being added to your “product” backlog
  • TRY Starting with impact and outcome during ideation
  • AVOID Trying to make everyone happy
  • TRY Thinking about what you’re saying “no” to…when you say “yes”
  • AVOID Starting/working on everything
  • TRY Visualizing intake to surface tradeoff discussion
  • TRY Rationalizing stakeholder requests with user/customer behaviors
  • AVOID Confusing with product vision
  • TRY Thematic summaries of impact and outcome statements
  • AVOID Being everything to everyone
  • TRY Creating focus for your team and stakeholders
  • AVOID Tasks as PBIs
  • TRY Crafting impact and outcome statements as PBIs
  • AVOID Dividing value between multiple PBIs
  • AVOID Slicing too thin just because you can’t get done in a Sprint
  • TRY Working on items as an entire team vs individuals
  • AVOID Using the Product Backlog as a time tracking tool or accounting system
  • TRY Focusing on the “why” and the “what” when refining and leave the “how” for Sprint Planning
  • AVOID Requirements handoffs with no conversations
  • TRY Diverge/merge cycles
  • AVOID A few people talking and majority listening
  • TRY Shifting the majority of the talk time to the people responsible for creating the product Increment
  • AVOID Long-term detailed planning
  • TRY Stopping once the PBI is “actionable” or “ready”
  • AVOID Fake spikes
  • TRY Questions to surface understanding and summaries to clarify
  • AVOID Changing order only a few times a year
  • AVOID Using calculations or processes as the only input to ordering decisions
  • AVOID Confusing “order” with “priority/categorization”
  • TRY Using Product Goals and Sprint Goals to help reveal order
  • AVOID Changing order during Sprint Planning
  • TRY Sharing order in refinement and Sprint Reviews
  • AVOID Using averages and single date on the calendar, and using expert opinion
  • TRY Forecasting dates with confidence intervals and using empirical data to build your forecasts
  • AVOID Once and never updating
  • TRY Continuously updating and sharing forecasts in Sprint Reviews and refinement sessions
  • AVOID Long time horizons
  • TRY Using forecasts to discuss optionality

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