LeSS Talks: German Big Insurance Case Study Discussion, with Wolfgang Steffens

Case Study | Wolfgang Steffens – Author/Presenter | LinkedIn Profile

Initial Questions Submitted to Wolfgang Steffens:

  1. Why in Faux (Fake) Scrum =”Scrum” with component teams, there a 1-to-1 ratio between a team and “PO”.
  2. Who and How was involved in defining Requirement Areas (RAs)? How were people chosen? Who validated that they were right people?
  3. What was the sequence of events and why in this order: Product Definition RA –> self-design team workshop – IPBR–>PBR Outcome Sharing –> Sprint Planning 1
  4. What was Product Owner Team Structure and its relationship to Head of Development (the overall Org Chart)?
  5. How did you handle ‘Undone’ department (architects, platforms, shared services, release management, DevOps, etc).?

Note: Wolfgang Steffens is a very experienced LeSS Coach and Trainer.  Please, explore Wolfgang’s expertise and services, by contacting him directly with questions and inquires, through his LinkedIn profile.


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