Agile Vietnam Conference 2022: Majority of “Agile Transformations” Are Fakes And Failures. But There Are Exceptions.


Most of ‘agile transformations’ are failures and/or fakes. Many people that claim triumphing successes with agile transformations, do this to simply to advance upwards on their own career ladder, since their compensation and promotion are dependent on their own claims of success.  Nowadays, the words “agile”, “enterprise” and “scaling” are mostly misunderstood and frequently misused.  The above, should not be perceived as pessimism. Instead, it should be perceived as a reflection of reality.  Of course, there are exceptions and examples of success.  But such cases are not frequent and are typically not bragged about.
Instead of focusing on “mega-scaling, enterprise-wide big-bang agile transformations” that are, for the most part, are broad & shallow & short-lasting, organizations should focus on deep & narrow & long-lasting, systemic improvements on a smaller scale, at least initially.  Before scaling goodness (adaptiveness/agility), organizations must DE-scale (remove) organizational waste and overhead.
Organizations must also understand the importance of ECONOMICS behind the efforts they make to become more adaptive/agile.
In this short graphic presentation, Gene Gendel will try to help his audience to have an eye opener about the reality that surrounds them.  Once people start seeing certain things, they will no longer be able to ‘unsee’ them.
Additional images from Large Scale Scrum training deck:
More similar graphics can be found here.

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