02/11 – LESS TALKS: Nicolas M. Chaillan, US Air Force Chief Software Officer On Technology Agility, Scaling and More

On February 11, 2020, NYC Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) meetup was honored to host the event for a special guest-speaker Nicolas Chaillan – the first Air Force Chief Software Officer.  Nicolas is also the co-lead for the Department of Defense Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative with the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer. His full bio is available … Read more

Run This Method Through Organizational Compiler

Tweet Running this method through an “organizational compiler” may improve health of your organization: (variables are “globally declared” and clickable hyperlinks. You can pass any arguments to this method, as long as they are valid arguments 🙂 ) public class LegacyOrganizationalEcosystem { public static void main(String[] args){ if((agile_framework == this_framework{  System.out.println (“Simplify your organisation. Try … Read more

Thoughts by Rick Waters, CST

Rick Waters is a Business Agility Coach and Trainer, from Chicago, with more than 15 years of technical software development experience, and almost 10 years of Agile leadership experience.  Rick primarily trains Scrum, Enterprise Scrum Business Agility, and Kanban. This is what Rick wrote, in support of the recently released book by Gene Gendel (Adaptive … Read more

May 19-22: Global Scrum Alliance Gathering | AUS-TX

An amazing 2019 Global Scrum Alliance Gathering (May 19-22), organized by SA staff that brought together a record-high number of professionals from around the globe and had countless amazing events – too many to describe them all in one newsletter. 🙂 Here, I would like to  recap what committed to my memory the most: Keynote … Read more

Proper Scaling of Scrum and Dynamic Financial Forecasting

Tweet The purpose of this post is to summarize two very important and independent topics and then integrate them together, into a joint discussion.  The topics are: Moving from rigid annual budgets to rolling forecasts (super important! in agile/adaptive product development environments) Quality of scaling in agile product development, specifically Scrum …and tying effective scaling of … Read more

Addressing Problems, Caused by AMMS

Tweet Nowadays, for too many organizations, Agile Maturity Metrics (AMM) have become a trusted way to measure improvements of agility at personal (individuals), team and organizational level. However, it is not always apparent to everyone that AMMs are different from Agile Check-Lists (e.g. classic example of Scrum Check list by H. Kniberg) and this can often … Read more

What Should Agile Leadership Care About?

Tweet Agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, XP), individuals’ roles & responsibilities, processes & tools, metrics & reporting, burn-up charts, estimation techniques, backlog prioritization, agile engineering practices, agile maturity models etc. – all of them are important attributes of a typical agile transformation.  However, NONE of them are first-degree-of-importance system variables that are responsible for transformation … Read more

August 30-31st: The 1st Large Scale Scrum Conference in Amsterdam

Tweet The first ever Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Conference took place on August 30th -31st of 2016.  Budgeted to accommodate around 150 people, it was oversubscribed (around 180). The event took place in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, in the cathedral style audience hall Rode Hoed. What you will find summarized below, are the topics … Read more

August 23 – LeSS Talks: Agile Budgeting & Finances: unveiling conventional management mistakes

Last night’s meetup produced an exceptional turn-out of people. There were some guests from the UK: friends and colleagues. The following key points were covered: Triple Constraint Triangle of Conventional Management Why Agile Community understands Budgeting better than some finance people? Why Management Area is so “untapped” in terms of improvements? Why did Borealis abolish … Read more