August 23 – LeSS Talks: Agile Budgeting & Finances: unveiling conventional management mistakes

Last night’s meetup produced an exceptional turn-out of people. There were some guests from the UK: friends and colleagues.

The following key points were covered:

  • Triple Constraint Triangle of Conventional Management
  • Why Agile Community understands Budgeting better than some finance people?
  • Why Management Area is so “untapped” in terms of improvements?
  • Why did Borealis abolish traditional budgeting?
  • Decomposing Budget into: Forecasts, Targets and Resource Allocation
  • Forecasts vs. Targets
  • “Rolling” Forecasts vs. Dynamic Forecasts
  • KPIs: good, bad
  • Balances Scorecards against Budgets – what usually wins?
  • Splitting a bag of cash
  • Does Meeting a Budget Drive Individual Performance?
  • What do Monetary Incentives to do People?
  • Why do we need Partnership between HR and Finance?
  • Frequently ignored scientific evidence
  • How to overcome resistance?
  • Evolution vs. Revolution: what is better?
  • Who is doing “this”
  • Agile budgeting for scaling

Note: a number of folks approached, asking to share the materials presented. Please, use the form at the bottom of this page, to receive the materials.

Some Kodak moments captured:


meetup_aug_23_11meetup_aug_23_7 meetup_aug_23_8 meetup_aug_23_9 meetup_aug_23_5 meetup_aug_23_4 meetup_aug_23_3 meetup_aug_23_2


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  1. Hi Gene, nice to meet you f2f at the Business Agility Conference. Interested in your Agile Budgeting materials if you don’t mind sharing. Thx!


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