“How to make your teams faster” – with Dr Jeff Sutherland & Scrum Inc


Last night, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of jeffsutherlandScrum and CEO of Scrum Inc., gave an energizing presentation of the Bank of Mellon NY.

The following topics were covered:

  • How to make your teams faster
  • The competitive secrets behind high-performing organizations
  • How to create value that wins using the Power of Disruptive Leadership.

If you attended, the event, have any additional questions for Dr. Sutherland or after-thoughts that you would like sharing with others, please feel free to post your comments here.  We shall consider your feedback to organize future events with Dr. Sutherland.

Note: Many thanks to Adventures with Agile – UK-based Community of Practice for scaling agile and organisational change,, for organizing this great event.








1 thought on ““How to make your teams faster” – with Dr Jeff Sutherland & Scrum Inc”

  1. This was an inspiring and bracing talk. Jeff’s experience in the military, medical and software development fields add balance and reality to the now rapid growth of Agile and Scrum.

    Questions for Jeff:
    1) Can the role of Scrummaster and Coach err on serving as a servant rather than leader, and if so, how will this affect the team?
    2) You did not speak of a Coach role. What do you think of Agile transformations that have both Coaches and Scrummasters?
    3) You mentioned an Enterprise Action Team — would like to learn more.
    4) You will be offering Aggressive Scrum training — would like to learn more. Thanks!


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