March 15 – LeSS Talks: LeSS Overview and Q&A


A barrage of great questions made tonight’s session a long non-stop engaging dialogue.  As annual performance appraisal “specialists” say (I am being very sarcastic now 😉  ), the intensity of today’s discussion “EXCEEDED my expectations”, so maybe someone will give me a bonus  ;).  The collaboration system Nureva that I used in place of a slide deck was really helpful.  My personal retrospective: If I had just fewer slides on the wall, I could’ve made my presentation even more interactive.  So, for me, another lesson learned: LeSS is more.  And I promise to do it next time.  The next LeSS discussion will be a deep dive into one of LeSS topics.   Please, post questions or initiate discussions below.

And keep in mind:






Below is the screenshot of Nureva virtual board with the set of questions that were captured.  They will become an input for our next meet-up(s):

after-LeSS questions

Note: Many thanks to Adventures with Agile – UK-based Community of Practice for scaling agile and organisational change,, for organizing this great event.

1 thought on “March 15 – LeSS Talks: LeSS Overview and Q&A”

  1. The following questions are transcribed from the slide above:

    -Who coordinates technology?
    -Definition of Component.
    -Is ‘sharing’ something that LeSS Huge embraces?
    -When do points start getting assigned?
    -How many planning sessions for a single sprint?
    -Does LeSS want full time scrum masters?
    -How do feature teams agree across features?
    -Does not a pool of shared resources contribute to the issues?
    -LeSS impart on Line Management
    -User story splitting/mapping
    -Feature teaming and existing organizational structure: how does it play out?
    -Use of casual loop diagrams to expose long term systemic dysfunctions.


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