“Can We Measure Adaptiveness?”, with John Coleman

In this video, John Coleman of Xagility and Gene Gendel of KSTS consulting discuss important topics, such as the geographical restraint to agile adoption, whether LeSS is a framework and the importance of getting executives onboard with LeSS adoptions.   0:00 On the beginning of large scale scrum (LeSS) and his journey into LeSS 9:19 … Read more

DCSUG: Feature Teams vs. Component Teams: Exposing Local Optimization

Download Materials (DCSUG, UHC) References during the event: Feature Teams Primer Agile Contracts Primer Feature Teams Seeing (and Hearing) Local Optimization About Kanban(as an alternative) SAFe (References from: Agile Manifesto co-signers.  Scrum co-creators. Others.)   Additional references: Explore Training Classes on DE-scaling Join and support communities

“What is Parallel Organization?”, with Konstantin Ribel

On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the Twin Cities LeSS meetup (note: all past recordings of the meetup can be found here). hosted a great webinar with Konstantin Ribel – Certified Scrum Master and LeSS Trainer from Germany. The recoding and materials are below: Download materials In this webinar, Konstantin covered the following topics: The meaning … Read more

08/19-Agile Experts Club – Exposing Uncomfortable Topics: Errors and Omissions with Scaling

Materials Other relevant assets: SAFE: MARKET SHARE INCREASE. RAPID GROWTH. WHAT IS THE RECIPE? Candid, Unscripted Conversation About SAFe, with Roman Pichler Candid, Unscripted Conversation About SAFe, with Bob Schatz  Candid, Unscripted Conversation About SAFe, with Mike Cohn Candid, Unscripted Conversation About SAFe, with Tom Mellor  Q & A on “The Spotify “Model”: Don’t Simply … Read more

Transformations Gone Wrong: Erin Perry, JP White and Gene Gendel

My good-old friends Erin Perry and JP White have invited me to their regular Vlog session. The topic was  Transformations [Agile], Gone Wrong.  Both, Erin and JP have a lot of experience on the subject. So, the three of us had a nice discussion.  We discussed mocked-up transformations, copy-paste frameworks (and their market share capturing success), credibility/reliability of home-grown-my-own “operating models” … … Read more

12/06-LeSS Talks: Using Product Canvas in LeSS Product Definition

LeSS NYC Meetup – JOIN NOW,  to hear about future events! 2021 LeSS Training Schedule  Relevant Assets: Getting Started with LeSS Adoption LeSS Adoption Journey Map Product Definition & Exploration Workshop Template EBG Consulting, INC: Product Canvas (pages 1 & 2 ) LeSS Training Experience Report: Product Definition, DoD & Team ‘Blueprint’ Exercise “What is … Read more