Why Agile Roles Are Being Eliminated? What Are Systemic Root Causes Of This?

On January 19, both Bloomberg and Reuters, independently, came out with the news about one large American bank holding company that eliminated 1100 Tech Jobs, and by making this decision, directly impacted ‘agile delivery’ roles/agile jobs families.  (click the links above for details). Interestingly, a few years ago, the same company openly published the news … Read more

LeSS Talks: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT, with Columbia Professor Chuck Garcia

Recording/Materials: TBD Summary: n this era of profound uncertainty, the science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has taken center stage. As you reflect on Covid 19’s impact at home and work, learning to become more empathetic is more critical than ever. Yet the tools needed to develop EQ are often unknown or misunderstood. Consequently, Chuck Garcia … Read more

LeSS with Gene and James: Improving Quickly Requires Fixing Structure

Deep and narrow organizational design changes aligned with adaptability can produce fruitful outcomes far faster than applying management pressure to squeeze improved performance out of the status quo system. A deep and narrow LeSS adoption will rapidly produce improvement in adaptability and value delivery, even when the discomfort resulting from increased transparency sometimes makes it … Read more

Top 10 Typical Cases of Misunderstanding LeSS

Let’s press Control + Alt + Delete on most common LeSS misunderstanding. Many companies, in their attempts to become more product centric and customer-focused (THANKS!!!), jump on the idea of experimenting with Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), as the mechanism to deliver incremental value to their customers and users/stakeholders. However, due to the lack of qualified … Read more