Top 10 Typical Cases of Misunderstanding LeSS

Let’s press Control + Alt + Delete on most common LeSS misunderstanding. Many companies, in their attempts to become more product centric and customer-focused (THANKS!!!), jump on the idea of experimenting with Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), as the mechanism to deliver incremental value to their customers and users/stakeholders. However, due to the lack of qualified … Read more

Agile Vietnam Conference 2022: Majority of “Agile Transformations” Are Fakes And Failures. But There Are Exceptions.

Synopsis: Most of ‘agile transformations’ are failures and/or fakes. Many people that claim triumphing successes with agile transformations, do this to simply to advance upwards on their own career ladder, since their compensation and promotion are dependent on their own claims of success.  Nowadays, the words “agile”, “enterprise” and “scaling” are mostly misunderstood and frequently … Read more

LeSS with Gene and James: Definition of Done (DoD) And Its Organizational Design Implications

Two Certified LeSS Coaches and Trainers (Gene Gendel and James Carpenter) have exchanged the ideas on the subject “Definition of Done (DoD) And Its Organizational Design Implications”.  The whole recording is about 15 minutes long. This is what they discussed: DoD as a maturity ‘metric’ DoD – shared by multiple teams in large scale product development … Read more

LeSS Talks: Empowered Product Teams; Let’s Revisit The NNPG, with Gordon Weir

The New New Product Development Game (NNPG) [Takeuchi, Nonaka, 1986] introduced to a far greater audience what the most successful product companies were doing at the time. The research found that the most significant influence for successful products is the creation of teams that follow “a holistic or “rugby” approach—where a team tries to go … Read more