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Gene Gendel is Agile Coach, Trainer and Organizational Design Agent.   Gene is a proud member of the small community (about 94 people worldwide) of Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC).  Today, he is the only CEC who resides in NY State. Gene’s goal is to help organizations and individual teams with improving internal dynamics, organizational structure and overall efficiency.   He strives to engage at all organizational levels: senior- and mid-level management, teams and individuals.   In his work,  Gene uses various methods, tools and techniques to strengthen learning of others and to ensure that teams and individuals gain autonomy after he “coaches himself out of the job”. Throughout his long career, Gene has served small, mid-size and large companies, domestically and abroad.

Gene is a well-recognized member of global and local agile communities, where he influences people via open-space agile collaboration workshops, coaching retreats, group events and presentations.

Gene is a well-recognized blogger and publisher.   He  is the co-author of the book Agile Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners (free pdf). His collection of personal essays (“The Green Book“) can be also found here.

Gene strongly supports Scrum Alliance (SA) in its efforts of “transforming the world of work”.   He is an active member of SA working group of coaches and trainers that have been involved in improving SA certification/education programs, by aligning them with natural career paths of agile professionals: Team Level Coaching Certifications (CTC) (Gene is also one of co-creators of the program) and Enterprise Level Coaching Certifications (CEC).  Through these efforts, Gene tries helping highly qualified individuals to differentiate themselves from lowered standards.

Gene’s additional credentials are:



Here is the list of Gene’s additional focus areas:

  • Organizational/System design
  • Enterprise-wide, scaling agile solutions and frameworks
  • Promoting System over Local Optimization
  • Moving companies away from Skinnerian Behaviorism
  • Converting Taylorian Corporate Culture to Kaizen
  • Educating about Motivation/Rewards/Incentives
  • Adaptive (Agile) Product Ownership and Management
  • Adaptive (Agile)/Flexible Budgeting and Rolling Forecasts
  •  Coaching Sr.Leadership, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Teams
  • Implementing Agile frameworks: Scrum, Kanban


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