LeSS Talks: You and AI: Navigating an Uncertain Job Market, with Heidi Araya

Download Materials Bio: As a global consultant, inventor, and author with over two decades of experience, Heidi Araya has dedicated her career to driving multimillion-dollar business improvements using a people-first approach. Her expertise lies in enhancing organizational effectiveness and fostering innovation, underpinned by a deep understanding of industry dynamics and organizational psychology. With a keen … Read more

Building Great Products with RIGHT!!! People – Chet Hendrickson & Hugo Lourenco

  Download Materials Details This talk is specifically tailored for individuals eager to empower success in their teams and products. We’ll be delving into the crucial topic of navigating the pitfalls of poor leadership in product development and acquiring the right talent in outsourcing environments, with a focus on countries like Brazil, Poland, and Portugal. … Read more

Interview with Michael James (MJ): Scrum Master Checklist Author

Click to Play Recording Click to Play Recording   References from Michael James (MJ): Sprint Retrospective e-learning (free) The Skilled Facilitator by Roger Schwarz Group Genius by Keith Sawyer Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Roseberg Product Owner Misconception comic book Contact MJ for printed versions of the comic book