Candid, Unscripted Conversation About SAFe, with Bob Schatz (CST)

Tweet I (Gene here) had the pleasure of having a candid, unscripted conversation with  Bob Schatz – one of the old timers in the arena of Agile and Scrum and early Certified Scrum Trainers (CST), who learned directly from Ken Schwaber (the co-creator of Scrum).  Bob openly shared some of his thinking and sentiments about SAFe – … Read more

Make Your Coaching Organization Into A Role Model For The Rest Of Your Organization

In this post: Introduction Agile Transformation Group (ATG) Purpose/Focus Position Structure Agile Transformation Team (ATT) Purpose/Focus Position Structure Self-Organization Engagement Example Conclusion Introduction: In their journey, to become more adaptive (agile), organizations need guidance and support.  Ideally, organizations should own their own agile transformations: experiments, decisions, successes and failures, with minimal reliance on external help, … Read more

LeSS Talks: May 22: Darwin Theory of Agile Coaching Evolution, with Ron Whitebread

Tweet Learn how one company iterated on their coaching approach – from experimentation to big consulting “transformation” to systems thinking enablement (transitioning from being supported by one of Big 5 consultancy companies, with their “push agile” model,  to a reputable, boutique agile coaching and training company) – to become more effective in achieving desired outcomes, … Read more

Changing Your Coaching Engagement Type

Tweet From Independent Coach – To Coach FTE From Coach FTE – an Independent Coach From Independent Coach  To Coach – FTE Imagine yourself: you – for many years, have been investing into and developing your own career path, as an independent, professional coach.  You have years of experience behind your back, serving many different … Read more

01/31 – LeSS Talks: Abusing Metrics for Dummies: How to manipulate data to make us look good?

Today’s  great presentation by Certified LeSS Trainer (CLT) from Israel – Elad Sofer. Please, contact Elad directly for an details. Materials Used Main points: Data driven organizations are prone  to abusing metrics The word agile has outgrown itself The Observer Effect: the act of observing something, changes it Metrics measurement: manipulates behavior “Velocity is productivity … Read more

LeSS Trainer’s Class Experience Report: Product Definition, DoD & Team ‘Blueprint’ Exercise

LeSS Adoption Journey Map | LeSS Product Expansion Worksheet Virtual Events in LeSS | System Modelling Exercises | LeSS “Onion” Feature Team Primer | Agile Contracts Primer This summary, is an experience report from the recently conducted online LeSS class (provisional CLP).  Specifically, this writing is about a few discussion topics, accompanied by in-class exercises … Read more

My CEC and CTC Journey

(Re-posted on LinkedIn | Scrum Alliance) This writing is way past overdue. I have been putting this off for, at least, a few years. But it is better later than never?. Today, I would like to share my (this is Gene) personal journey of becoming a Certified Enterprise (CEC) and Team (CTC) coach. About the … Read more

Agile Poetry In Motion

Lyrics written by: Gene Gendel | Musical/voice performance by: Erin Perry LinkedIn feed -1- It is time to get serious about agility: It is best to be viewed as PMO utility. Scrum and Kanban are agile “methodologies”, Agile Manifesto – is purists’ ideology. -2- Agile KPIs, metrics and RAGs, PMs – proudly wearing “Agile Coach” name … Read more


Reviewing Before Class Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) (video) “The Contract Game” (22-44min), by Craig Larman (video) “Team Output Owner (TOO)” – why “Scrum” fails at your organization, by Michael James (video) LeSS Structure Getting Started System Thinking – what is it? What is System Modelling in LeSS class? (video) Debriefing Systems Modeling (video) Lean Thinking – what is it? Proper … Read more


System Modeling Exercises Reviewing Before Class Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) (video) “The Contract Game” (22-44min), by Craig Larman (video) “Team Output Owner (TOO)” – why “Scrum” fails at your organization, by Michael James (video) LeSS Structure Getting Started System Thinking – what is it? What is System Modelling in LeSS class? (video) Debriefing Systems … Read more