01/24-LeSS Talks: Experience Report: Navigating Self-Incorporated Consulting

Recording – TBD Optional Pre-Read for this event.   Additional recommended assets: 05/05 – LESS TALKS: Dave Snowden: Answering Tough Questions (Q&A) 02/27 – LESS TALKS: Q & A on “The Spotify “Model”: Don’t Simply Copy-Paste”, with Evan Campbell SAFe: Market Share Increase. Rapid Growth. What is the recipe? (please, make sure to reference to large … Read more

12/06-LeSS Talks: Using Product Canvas in LeSS Product Definition

LeSS NYC Meetup – JOIN NOW,  to hear about future events! 2021 LeSS Training Schedule  Relevant Assets: Getting Started with LeSS Adoption LeSS Adoption Journey Map Product Definition & Exploration Workshop Template EBG Consulting, INC: Product Canvas (pages 1 & 2 ) LeSS Training Experience Report: Product Definition, DoD & Team ‘Blueprint’ Exercise “What is … Read more

Should Teams Use Kanban, Instead of Scrum or LeSS?

Register: Sunday, September 19, 2021. 12:00 PM EST: Can Kanban be used with/instead of LeSS or Scrum? WHO is asking and WHY? “Can Kanban be used in conjunction with LeSS (or instead of LeSS)?” – this is the question that we hear all too often. Since LeSS is Scrum (nb: organizational design impact of LeSS is … Read more

12/13-LeSS Talks: Case study about a LeSS adoption in Business Lending, by Cesario Ramos

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Some of you may have seen this publication a few years ago, by Cesario Ramos: “… [Company] improves on the so-called Spotify Model using LeSS” that shined some light, from the inside, on what really took place.
[NB: As many people probably know, “Big Bank Spotify Model” success stories are being used by many large consultancies and companies that followed the advice]. Please, read about it: https://www.scrumwithstyle.com/ing-improves-on-the-so-called-spotify-model-using-less/


“How do we use LeSS to further optimize the Spotify model; How to tackle scaling challenges with less. We will share our experiments, mistakes, and learning we got from adopting LeSS in a cross-border, dispersed team setting without Continuous Integration.”

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12/06-LeSS Talks: US Army’s Intelligence Staff Director COL Candice Frost on Crisis & Leadership

Colonel Candice Frost: Web site: https://colonelcandid.com/  LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/candicefrost1776/ Synopsis: An 80% solution on time is far better than a 100% solution late Defining Problem Statement Demonstrating a desire to create change Providing a clear Vision into the Future Leading by Example Clearing Paths to Achieve a Common Goal Changing is Constant Building Strong Relationships … Read more