12/06-LeSS Talks: US Army’s Intelligence Staff Director COL Candice Frost on Crisis & Leadership

Colonel Candice Frost:


  • An 80% solution on time is far better than a 100% solution late
  • Defining Problem Statement
  • Demonstrating a desire to create change
  • Providing a clear Vision into the Future
  • Leading by Example
  • Clearing Paths to Achieve a Common Goal
  • Changing is Constant
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Providing Consistent & Continual Feedback
  • Giving Transparency

  • How excessive organizational layers, processes and approvals can lead to missing an opportunity
  • Importance of mentorship/education, as means of spreading knowledge laterally, to many people
  • Significance of striking a healthy balance between being a Specialist (know one discipline really well) and being a Generalist (knowing other disciplines fairly well)
  • Benefits of building long-lived teams
  • Keeping levels of “undone” work to a minimum and thriving to drive it to zero
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1 thought on “12/06-LeSS Talks: US Army’s Intelligence Staff Director COL Candice Frost on Crisis & Leadership”

  1. That was a great talk. I would have loved to have attended live, so I could add some questions. There are many great leadership ideas. I appreciate the honesty in the idea that we need to expect a new normal. Communicating expectations honestly will allow people to move forward – instead of expending wasted energy trying to force things back into the old ways. It’s going to be tough for all of us to let go of the old habits/ notions.


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