LESS TALKS: Uncovering the Agile Mindset, with Heidi Araya and John Turley

   Materials Synopsis: “Agile transformations fail regularly, despite many putting their best efforts forth. And dominant focus continues to be on agile as a process, addressing the important need for an agile mindset and culture only in passing. While Agilists feel that someone’s mindset is absolutely critical to agility, the agile mindset is not actually … Read more

LeSS Review

General Overview LeSS History *Economics* of Agile Transformation & “Triple Taxation”  What LeSS is NOT (certainly!) What is LeSS?  What is NOT LeSS? Avoiding: “Agile Layered Cakes” and “Layered OKRs“ Avoid: Budgeting Fake Velocities Avoiding “Double Blind” Dates Avoiding “Bad SQL: Role Relabeling”  and   Terms Relabeling” Avoiding: “Agile” Framework: Version 348.54345345435… Informed Consent: Inverted Organization LeSS … Read more

LeSS Trainer’s Class Experience Report: Product Definition, DoD & Team ‘Blueprint’ Exercise

LeSS Adoption Journey Map | LeSS Product Expansion Worksheet Virtual Events in LeSS | System Modelling Exercises | LeSS “Onion” Feature Team Primer | Agile Contracts Primer This summary, is an experience report from the recently conducted online LeSS class (provisional CLP).  Specifically, this writing is about a few discussion topics, accompanied by in-class exercises … Read more

11/18– LESS TALKS: Why Do Transformation Fail? Coordination Chaos, by Ari Tikka and Ran Nyman

Presented by  Ari Tikka and Ran Nyman (original source) Download Materials: https://www.keystepstosuccess.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ari_ran_nyc_less_failed_transformations.pdf Upcoming LeSS Training  Additional recommended assets: 05/05 – LESS TALKS: Dave Snowden: Answering Tough Questions (Q&A) 02/27 – LESS TALKS: Q & A on “The Spotify “Model”: Don’t Simply Copy-Paste”, with Evan Campbell SAFe: Market Share Increase. Rapid Growth. What is the recipe? (please, … Read more