Gap Between Science and Business

Education on this topic should be mandatory for everyone: HR people, hiring managers, senior leadership and employees.  Because…

“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does”
Psychologist Dan Pink

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Ecosystem Effect: Performance Appraisals in Agile Environment


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Legend (How to Read Causal Loop Diagram)

  • Goal – high, overarching/strategic goal that needs to be achieved
  • Variable – system elements that have effect/make influence on other system elements (other variables)
  • Causal link – arrows that connect two related variables
  • Opposite effect – “O” annotation near an arrow; suggest that effect of one variable on another variable is opposite to what could be expected
  • Delayed effect – “||” annotation that disrupts a causal link (arrow); it implies that there is a delayed effect of one variable by another variable
  • Extreme effect – one variable has an extreme (beyond normal) effect on another variable; it is represented by a thick arrow
  • Constraint – “C” annotation near arrow; implies that there is a constraint on a variable
  • Quick- Fix reaction – “QF” annotation near an arrow; action that brings about short-term, lower cost effect


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