Parallel Organization, As a Sushi Roll

Tweet When we ask an experienced scrum master, product owner or developer define a user story, they usually understand that “…every user story must be INVEST-able…(taken from B. Hartman’s post)”. When we further elaborate on the “INVEST” part, we discover that splitting a user story is done vertically (along features), not horizontally (along components e.g. … Read more

LeSS “Construction”: What is it like?

Tweet [also, cross-posted on less. works] Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).  It is the framework for scaling agile development, done by multiple teams, as they work on same product and work for a single Product Owner.   In order to be effective, LeSS requires organizational descaling that means simplification/flattening of organizational design. What is Organizational Design? … Read more

05/26-28: Scrum Coaching Retreat | Kiev, Ukraine

2017 Scrum Coaching Retreat in Kiev  is in the books!!!  The event has brought together a few dozens of agile coaches and trainers from nearby and far away. The participants came from different backgrounds and focus areas but due to everyone’s extensive experience in self-organization and self-management, got the show on the road very quickly.  After … Read more

2017 Agile Maine Day Recap

The 2017 Agile Maine Day event is in the books.  Great event organization. Great energizing crowd. Amazing presenters and speakers. Below are the summaries of two selected presentations, whose themes were mostly relevant to System Thinking and System Design: Don Macintyre’s topic “Agile Leadership” was about Radical Management (Steve Denning’s teaching) and covered: Shifting focus from making money … Read more

Agile Flyer – 04-09-2017

    Public Announcement: Scrum Alliance® Announces Partnership with LeSS Company   Denver, CO,— SCRUM ALLIANCE® – The news are finally out and public: On 4/7/2017, Scrum Alliance interim CEO Lisa Hershman, has announced that Scrum Alliance, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community,entered in partnership with LeSS … Read more

Agile Flyer – 03-25-2017

From Connect with a Certified Coach for Online Coaching! (re-published from Scrum Alliance newsletter) CHALLENGES WITH AGILE TRAINING: EXAMPLES, REASONS, CONSEQUENCES Virtual networks of professional agile coaches and trainers is good place to pick up some most thoughtful and provocative agile discussions. The most reputable networks that I know of, and happen to belong … Read more

2017 Business Agility Conference – NYC

On 23-24th of February, there was the first ever 2017 – Business Agility Conference, held in NYC.  The event could be best described as “…2 days of authentic short stories and facilitated deep dives on business agility; focus on organizational design, market disruption and product innovation, agile outside IT and next-generation leadership…” (quoted from The uniqueness of this event was due its demographics, and in particular: due … Read more

Agile Flyer – 02-05-2017

  Unspoken Agile Topics /re-printed from its original version/ This paper, originally written in February 2013, brings to light some of the least-discussed topics and consequences of “broadband agilization” that currently take place in the industry. The materials of this paper are subdivided into two general sections: The first section describes certain impacts that Agile … Read more

Agile Flyer – 01-08-2017

  Kicking off 2017…. Non-IT Kanban Implementation at Scale /re-circulating my older post/ A few days ago, I went to the happy hour of a local staffing firm that specializes in placing Agile technical and leading resources. They had moved in to their new office and were treating (I’ve known these guys for a number … Read more