Feature Teams vs. Product Teams? Organizational Implications of False Dichotomy.

This post is an extension of an older discussion and therefore, briefly, about the history: Back in 2019, the Founder and Partner of SVPG (Silicon Valley Product Group), Marty Cagan wrote the post “Product vs. Feature Teams”, where he defined two types of teams: product and feature, and then compared-contrasted them.  He also contrasted them … Read more

“Can We Measure Adaptiveness?”, with John Coleman

In this video, John Coleman of Xagility and Gene Gendel of KSTS consulting discuss important topics, such as the geographical restraint to agile adoption, whether LeSS is a framework and the importance of getting executives onboard with LeSS adoptions.   0:00 On the beginning of large scale scrum (LeSS) and his journey into LeSS 9:19 … Read more