Exposing Uncomfortable Topics: Errors and Omissions with Scaling @ Smarter Enterprise Lean Agile – LeSS Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa Toronto, ON

Download Materials Upcoming LeSS Training: August 19-21 (group discount: group_disc) All other Additional assets recommended: 05/05 – LESS TALKS: Dave Snowden: Answering Tough Questions (Q&A) 02/27 – LESS TALKS: Q & A on “The Spotify “Model”: Don’t Simply Copy-Paste”, with Evan Campbell SAFe: Market Share Increase. Rapid Growth. What is the recipe? (please, make sure to reference … Read more


  Reviewing Before Class Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) (video) “The Contract Game” (22-44min), by Craig Larman (video) “Team Output Owner (TOO)” – why “Scrum” fails at your organization, by Michael James (video) LeSS Structure Getting Started System Thinking – what is it? What is System Modelling in LeSS class? (video) Debriefing Systems Modeling (video) Lean Thinking – what is it? … Read more