LeSS Talks: Enterprise Scrum, by Mike Beetle (Agile Manifesto Co-Signer)

This was a blasting event, with one of the co-signers of Agile Manifesto: Mike Beedle, being our honorable guest.

Mike’s presentation (outlined below) was followed by comprehensive Q&A.  Some folks were wise enough to have Mike hand-sign Agile Manifesto copy 🙂

Summary of Mike’s talk:
  • Enterprise Scrum (ES) goes much further than Technology alone.  ES grows Unicorns and transforms Dinosaurs.  ES is:
    • Balanced Management
    • Integrated Agility
    • Principles & Techniques
    • Management Framework
  • ES mandates Management of new breed.  Today, most of Management taught at colleges and universities is completely outdated.
  • In 10 years from now, “S&P 500 Membership” will be different than it is today. And companies that don’t become more agile will know it first
  • Conventional performance management is an outdated process that must be redefined
  • The most effective way to ensure a successful agile transformation (especially, at a large organization) is to “spin off” a small internal entity that would be free of certain existing counter-agile organizational laws, mandates, norm and behaviors.  Such organisation should be ‘real’, having its “front-” and “back-end”
  • Financial firms that don’t  also think of themselves as technology firms (worse yet, outsource their technical solutions elsewhere) will have difficult times in years to come
Some Kodak moments below:




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4 thoughts on “LeSS Talks: Enterprise Scrum, by Mike Beetle (Agile Manifesto Co-Signer)”

  1. Michael’s presentation and discussion regarding the next wave Enterprise Scrum . . . and setting the stage for both innovation and disruption . . .

    Enterprise Scrum is taking or migrating the agile / scrum concepts, tools, techniques, across the enterprise and into customer-focused value-adding efforts and deliverables . . .

  2. Great event! I was proud to meet Mike in person and to listen to his eye-opening and insigthful presentation. Very interesting topic.

    Gene, thanks again for organizing it. Keep it up.

  3. Thank you to Mike for Presenting, and thank you to Gene for allowing us to host this event.

    For anyone who missed it, or was wondering what Wipro Digital does please see here:

    We are a transformation studio within Wipro Digital that helps other companies evolve into something more. We partner with our clients to build innovative product-service experiences, and help high-calibre development teams to scale independently. Historically, IT organizations have been cost centers, however, with the way the world is connected today, they have become innovation partners and the need for constant improvement has never been greater. Our clients know that there’s a better way to deliver software, but aren’t always sure what it is, or how to get there and that is where we come in. We understand that these new ways of working often require organizational transformation. We understand that organizational transformation is a journey and not a single event. When they are ready to change, we help them.

    We advise on capability and digital maturity to inform our clients strategic decisions

    We execute on the advice we give to clients as partners

    We optimize our clients existing software delivery lifecycle to improve the cost and pace of change at scale

    We enable innovation by creating customer facing secure sandboxes and solution optimization techniques

  4. An insightful talk, visionary and inspiring. Main takeaway: companies who want to grow to market leaders/disruptors should focus on maximizing customer satisfaction while investing in tools like Enterprise Scrum, not by focusing on cutting costs/head count.


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