November 3 – Mike Beedle on Enterprise Scrum

This was a blasting event, with one of the co-signers of Agile Manifesto: Mike Beedle, being our honorable guest.

Mike’s presentation (outlined below) was followed by comprehensive Q&A.  Some folks were wise enough to have Mike hand-sign Agile Manifesto copy 🙂

Summary of Mike’s talk:
  • Enterprise Scrum (ES) goes much further than Technology alone.  ES grows Unicorns and transforms Dinosaurs.  ES is:
    • Balanced Management
    • Integrated Agility
    • Principles & Techniques
    • Management Framework
  • ES mandates Management of new breed.  Today, most of Management taught at colleges and universities is completely outdated.
  • In 10 years from now, “S&P 500 Membership” will be different than it is today. And companies that don’t become more agile will know it first
  • Conventional performance management is an outdated process that must be redefined
  • The most effective way to ensure a successful agile transformation (especially, at a large organization) is to “spin off” a small internal entity that would be free of certain existing counter-agile organizational laws, mandates, norm and behaviors.  Such organisation should be ‘real’, having its “front-” and “back-end”
  • Financial firms that don’t  also think of themselves as technology firms (worse yet, outsource their technical solutions elsewhere) will have difficult times in years to come
Some Kodak moments below:




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