Unspoken Agile Topics

black_green_black_thin_2Author: Gene Gendel

This paper, originally written in February 2013, brings to light some of the least-discussed topics and consequences of “broadband agilization” that currently take place in the industry. The materials of this paper are subdivided into two general sections:

  • The first section describes certain impacts that Agile has on individuals and their personal career advancements.
  • The second section describes organizational-level Agile impacts that pertain more to client companies that undergo Agile transformation, as well as service-providing vendor companies that deliver Agile-transforming expertise to their respective clients.

The reader will most likely focus on the section that best represents his primary interests and concerns. However, it is recommended that both sections are read in full, as in unison they create a better holistic perspective of the industry changes brought about by Agile-mania.

The reader will be taken out of his comfort zone and forced to think more uninhibitedly and realistically about those aspects of Agile that may not be as obvious and are not explicitly covered in other literature…

– See more at: https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles/2014/july/unspoken-agile-topics#sthash.OczxUhvv.dpuf

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