August 25: Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) Course | NYC


This class brought together people of different skill set and domain expertise: hands-on software engineers, managers and analysts, agile coaches, trainers and Scrum Masters. It was a high-pace introductory review of LeSS framework, with the focus on organizational design, system dynamics, LeSS principles/rules/guides, local optimization vs. global optimization, feature vs. component teams, LeSS roles and responsibilities, as well as highlighting most commonly seen anti-patterns in LeSS adoptions.
The students got engaged in structured (instructor-led) and interactive learning, mixed up collaborative break-out sessions and exercises.
Extensive Q&A was handled throughout the session, with many learning moments being related to organizational reality of modern companies.

6 thoughts on “August 25: Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) Course | NYC”

  1. In Agile coaching field, we practitioners are exposed to different scenarios every day; different engagements call for different methods of treatment. Product development evolves every day with more potent, more successful solutions than in previous years, demanding of course, that we adapt to learn, grow and stay updated.
    Personally, to me, the last weekend course of CLB presented a high-level review of the curriculum of LeSS Basics, and this gave the participants hands-on experience of standard LeSS practices.

  2. Great class, very engaging discussions and collaboration among enthusiasts in the field – we even found lunch time to be productive and informative. Thank you – Gene for great learning experience for us – a Saturday well spent – I personally was able to understand Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) better and assess which products/teams would benefit from it. The class also helped me understand that LeSS is not something an organization might want to take on without an experienced LeSS coach helping them with its adoption.

    I would highly recommend this class for anyone trying to understand LeSS without investing 3 full days for a practitioner class.

  3. The workshop explored the right way to integrate SCRUM into organizations and it identified the root causes and pitfalls of weak implementations. Great lessons!

  4. I found the class very informative and lively with interactions. The class helped me in understanding LeSS and how it can be used in an organization. Your examples and exercises helped understand the modeling and other concepts better.

  5. This was another outstanding coaching delivered by Gene.
    This class helped me understand the basics of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) implementation and how LeSS could drive systematic changes within an organization.
    From the first minutes of the course, Gene managed to get everyone involved and actively participating in solving impediments related to Agile transformation for any organization.
    The course used extensive process and system modeling to pinpoint and deliver root cause analysis on possible failures or imperfections for enterprise Agile implementation.
    This course strengthened my desire to learn more about LeSS and to take the next steps to become a Certified LeSS Practitioner.

  6. Gene literally smothered us with the flow of information. Amazingly enough, everything went very easily and with great enthusiasm.
    I think that teaching such an avalanche of very useful knowledge in such a short time is a real art!


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