Global SCRUM GATHERING® Orlando 2016

It was a great event, with more than 1200 people attending from all over the world.  Tons of great presentations and collaborative sessions.  Below, are some captured moments with my peers and colleagues – the people that made my personal experience at the gathering so rich and memorable.  The coaches and trainers of Scrum Alliance have always been the main driving force behind this and many similar agile events around the globe.

With Coaches and Trainers during Pre-Retreat

Below are some memorable Kodak moments, with people that have helped me develop over years as a coach and trainer:

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 peers_3  peers_4  peers_5
 peers_6  peers_7  peers_9
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 peers_13  peers_14  peers_15
 peers_16  peers_17  peers_19
 peers_20  peers_27
 peers_24  peers_25  peers_26


Graphics work produced at Gathering

 work_24  work_23  work_22
 work_21  work_18  work_11
 work_7  work_6  work_16

 work_12  work_17

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