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  1. Avoid…Product Manager is not Product Owner 120 (135)

    Avoid… Product management or Product Owner
    between teams and users 146-147 (161)
    Avoid… Multi-level P-M indirection from customers
    to teams 146 (161)

    Try… Maintain three levels when using Area Backlogs 221 (236)
    Try… Three Levels Max 222 (237)

  2. Top 5 Questions for this Friday:

    Organizational boundaries for the LeSS adoption: why organizational boundaries are so important? Have you faced the problems of people, attempting to define products AROUND traditional organizational design and command & control, as oppose changing organizational design to support product centricity?

    Product Owner (PO) to Area Product Owner (APO) relationship: was it based on traditional organizational reporting structure or something else? More details on this are appreciated.

    Parallel LeSS Organization: what are the main challenged that were faced, when creating a parallel organization? Any pushback from executive management? If ‘yes’, why?

    Competence and Coaching Department: what was its organizational alignment within the org structure. Please, provide more details about figure 15 (

    What are some of the most common mistakes you have seen/made/avoided, with respect to expanding product definition?


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