2016 Big Apple Scrum Day Coaching Clinic | NYC

30 people were served at NYC Scrum User Event – Coaching Clinic!!!  Lots of fun and interesting discussions.

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Questions & Discussion Topics with Coaches:
  • “Removing the noise”
  • Growing agile advisory practice
  • Picking up after failed agile transformations
  • Transition from waterfall to agile
  • Scrum at enterprise organization
  • Scrumming in agency setting
  • How to get good practice with Scrum?
  • Career in Scrum/Agile
  • Implementing Agile culture: values, alignment, hiring
  • Empowering genius without dis-empowering the rest
  • Scrum attendance
  • Breaking Epics into correctly sized stories
  • How does Infrastructure work?
  • Effective retrospectives
  • Issues with distributed teaming (e.g US s. UA)
  • On-board offshore coaches
  • Organizational change
  • Coaching non-dedicated teams
  • Moving into a coaching role
  • Test automation
  • Working with untrained teams.
  • How to teach principles to old school mindset people
  • Advance from SM to agile coach
Feedback from Attendees to Coaches:
  • “Thanks for letting me know that I am not crazy and there is hope”
  • “Understanding ‘hierarchy’ of teams and the company in which they operate”
  • “Useful advice on splitting between technical debt rewrite and big value”
  • “Scaling with Scrum vs. Kanban”
  • “Good feedback confirmed that some of my direction is correct”
  • “Great suggestion to take back with me. Definitely will look to reach out for future questions. Thank you.”
  • “Very good feedback on story points and velocity”
    “This was extremely helpful, including workable solutions”
  • “Awesome advice”
  • “Great suggestions”
  • “Very valuable”
  • “Got great suggestions on PO collaboration”
  • “Awesome. Appreciate real world examples”
  • “Awesome inputs”
  • “Very interesting and helpful session”
  • “The coach asked all the right questions to get to the root of the challenges I am seeing”
Memorable Moments:

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