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Kicking off 2017….

Non-IT Kanban Implementation at Scale

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A few days ago, I went to the happy hour of a local staffing firm that specializes in placing Agile technical and leading resources.
They had moved in to their new office and were treating (I’ve known these guys for a number of years and was not looking for a job).
As I was walking around the office, what caught my eye were a few huge whiteboards attached to the walls.
One of the boards was in the recruiting area, another one in the account-opening area. I moved closer to see what was on them.

Both boards had multiple columns and rows. I focused on the column headers of one of the boards.
Most of the columns looked like sequential steps of one long process: resume submission of a job seeker to a client company.
I took a closer look at the other board and, after a few minutes of interpreting its column headers, realized that the board represented the steps in the account-opening process.
The boards did not seem to be related and they seemed to be maintained by different teams — one by recruiting, another one by account opening.
I looked around for a few more minutes and then asked the regional director to validate my observations and assumptions.

This is what I found out: – Read more…

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