Mentoring Coaches

Transforming the world of work (the slogan of Scrum Alliance) requires a critical mass of people with a strong coaching mindset.
Cultivating such a mindset is not an easy job.  But neither is the profession of an agile coach.

Due to increasing market demands, over the last few years, many people have stepped into a coaching role, without appropriate experience or credentials.  Many organizations out there do not clearly understand what they should be looking for when they engage with a coach, and therefore, get frequently misguided.  Such misguidance could come either from “self-proclaimed” external coaches, whose credentials have not been properly vetted, or from internal employees that have been “re-purposed” into a coach from their previous role, without proper education and mentoring.

How can credible, guide-level agile professionals that have sufficient amount of experience and a proven track record in coaching and leadership make themselves stand out?

Scrum Alliance (SA) is the largest organization in the world and over years, it has developed a very comprehensive certification path for agile professionals that also seek an agile career path.

Not too long ago, there was a new guide-level certification introduced into the certifications family – Certified Team Coach (CTC).  As one of the SA team members that co-created this accreditation program, I can attest that the level professionalism, experience and credibility that is expected to be demonstrated by a CTC applicant is very high.  Candidates for the CTC program need to demonstrate their ability to self-reflect, be self-aware and learn through success and failure.

To further elevate the bar of a coaching profession and to assist qualified applicants that are in pursuit of CTC credential, a group of Certified Enterprise Coaches (CECs), including some CTC program co-creators, have put together a Virtual Mentoring Program for CTC candidates.  

If you are interested in learning more about his program please contact me via the form below and I will introduce you to some credible mentors that help you in your journey.

Note: If you would like to get a general idea what virtual collaboration with an Enterprise Coach is like you may listen to this Virtual Coaching Clinic recording. This event was different in scope, intent and audience but could still provide some valuable content.


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