LeSS Events (CLP, CLB, Meet-Up) in NYC


January 15 | NYC


REGISTER: Jan 15, 2019 | NYC – Tracing Local Optimizations throughout the System
Free admission.In this session, we shall attempt to trace and correlate local optimization through various dimensions of an ecosystem:

  • Product Backlogs
  • Organizational Titles, Roles, Responsibilities
  • Individual Behavior
  • Organizational Design /Organizational Silos
  • Organizational norms and policies

We shall apply a lot of System Thinking to do the above. Perhaps, will leverage some System Modelling techniques, such as Casual Loop Diagrams (CLDs).

May 15-17 | NYC


REGISTER: May 15-17, 2019 | NYC – Certified LeSS Professional (CLP), by Craig Larman

The Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP) – is a comprehensive 3-day highly-engaging course.
Participants (senior managers, product developers, …) get a thorough understanding of LeSS, Large-Scale Scrum, for scaling agile development to many teams working together on one product.
In-depth, students explore adoption, new organizational design, systems thinking & optimization, the role of management,
and very concretely how to work together in a Sprint at scale in terms of coordination, architecture, planning, and much more.

This course runs mostly as a series of “at giant whiteboards” deep-thinking exercises involving systems modeling in small teams.

For information about CLP, please visit this page.
CLP provides 24 SEUs that can be claimed towards Scrum Alliance CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) credential.


November 17 | NJ


REGISTER: Nov 17, 2018 | NJ – Certified LeSS Basics (CLB), by Gene Gendel

The Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) – is an introduction into the LeSS Framework.
It provides a 1-day overview of the framework and some of the essential concepts that it uses.
It will help determining whether LeSS is for you and your company.

The CLB course is for anyone who is involved in a LeSS effort.
Basic Scrum knowledge is expected (can be achieved through CSM, PSM or self-studying and practicing Scrum) from every participant.
CLB is very effective when delivered to seasoned Scrum Masters/coaches, senior leadership, HR associates.
This is not ‘Scrum for beginners’ course.

For information about CLB, please visit this page.
For FAQs, introductory videos/references, please visit this page.
CLB provides 8 SEUs that can be claimed towards Scrum Alliance CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) credential.