Key Roles

One of the most widely used Agile frameworks is Scrum.  Scrum supports three main roles:

  • Product Owner – a key business person, responsible for communicating business vision and priorities to Scrum Team, owning Product Backlog and communicating product development success to stakeholders and the rest of organization.
  • Scrum Master – person who is responsible for supporting values and practices of Scrum, educating and coaching a team locally, removing local impediments and shielding a team from external distractions.
  • Team – is a group of cross-functional individuals that collectively can complete a committed scope of work within given time frames.  Team members don’t carry conventional titles, such as Developer, Tester or BA.  It is implied that any team member can do any or, at least, a few types of activities required to build a product.

There have been many attempts to define these important roles.   Some definitions are better than others.  As a reference, I would like to recommend some of the most credible resources that exist out there: sources & people that I know, respect and trust.  Please, click on the icons below:

thumb_PO thumb_SM thumb_Team