Welcome to my mind-sharing, non-commercial web space.  

coaching_clinicThe laws of physics teach us that in order to acquire and maintain certain velocity, an object must overcome its inertia. The state of inertia is described by a “tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged” (steady state of immobility). In order to gain its own velocity, an object must be acted upon by an external force (e.g. another moving object).  Speed of reaching certain velocity and maintaining it, among other secondary factors (e.g. friction, resistance), depends on an external force and mass of an object. Once an object is set in motion, it will continue moving on its own and the distance that it travels depends on its mass, friction, resistance or other applied forces.  My job is to help you overcome your inertia and gain momentum in your journey towards agility. I am here to help you make your very first steps to success.

If you represent yourself, as Individual, I will try helping you with achieving your personal goals.  Your goals may include something more immediate, like your personal career advancement, or they may have to do with something longer-term, like changing a career or specialty, altogether.  I will help you develop Agile mindset: something that will make you more adaptable and resistant to challenges.

IMG_7281If you represent Team, I will help you with internal dynamics, productivity and sustainability of pace.  I will help you understand what are Team key roles. I will help your team members build strong, long-lasting relationships and become more supportive of each other, while pursuing a common cause.  I will help you extinguish unhealthy internal competition that might be caused by organizational design, and make your members embrace the concept of  collective ownership and shared responsibility.  I will take down the path of improving your Team Agility.

avi_jeff_geneIf you represent Organization, I will help you with your organizational design, structure and cultural improvements.  I will help you materialize on some of your already known and some not yet discovered assets.  I will also assist you with exploring and repairing your deep systemic dysfunctions, that may exist and prevent you from getting ahead of your external competition.  I will help you achieving a higher state of Organizational Agility.

How will I be able to help you with all of this? 

ron_gene_chetWell, I have a variety of resources.  I can Train on things that you don’t know yet.  This would require me to put on a teacher’s hat and share with you information in ways that teachers share their knowledge with students in class.    I can also Coach you to better perform specific tasks and activities that are required from you in particular settings (e.g. your role, on your job responsibilities).   If you require a longer-term, continued support, I may also offer to you a mentoring relationship that would require you and me to build longer lasting relationship and mutual trust.

At this time, I would like to invite you to take a quick tour around my web site and gain some additional insight about agile coaching and training, as well as gain access to useful on-line resources