Coach’s Tools

Below, are some light-weight coaching tools that can be effectively used in conversations with customers (classroom setting and individual discussions):

Impact of appropriate motivation on individual’s ability to evolve: relation of Evolution of Human Operating System on Evolution of Tribal (Organizational) System:

Individual Performance, Incentives, Bonuses

Effect of individual performance appraisals and subjective/discretionary allocation of monetary intensives on organizational health:

Conventional (more traumatizing) ways to allocate intensives.






Alternative (less traumatizing) ways to allocate intensives.Performance_Incentives_alternative

Use of Scrum outside of software development:


Roles & Responsibilities in basic Scrum and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) settings:




Organizational Ecosystem: correlation between system variables at various System levels


Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD) & System Thinking


Mind Maps Cheat Sheets for Class use: Color, Black & White

Organizational Flattening with LeSS

LeSS “Hexagon of Values”

Agile Anti-Patterns with Irony and Satire has moved

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