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Epic-Level Estimation


Author: Gene Gendel

Imagine: You are about to form a new feature team that is composed of bright, cross-functional experts, self-motivated and self-managed. They all worked in Scrum settings before and are fully supportive of Agile principles. The organization they work for is properly structured and it nicely supports the adoption of Agile/Kaizen culture.

Imagine that the team interfaces with an experienced PO who comes from an end-user community, has a lot of client-facing product management experience, fully understands principles of Agile product development, does not tolerate waste, appreciates benefits of incremental value delivery, is fully empowered, and knows how to effectively partner up with technology. . . .

Feb 1-3, 2016. Certified LeSS Practitioner in New York


Author: Gene Gendel


Event Details

 Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional, self-managing teams and provides a framework for applying that at scale. It provides simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development.

The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is an in-depth course covering the LeSS principles, framework, rules, and guides. It provides essential information for adopting and continuously improving LeSS in your product development group using various thinking tools, organizational tools and action tools. The course contains an overview of LeSS, stories on LeSS adoptions, exercises and extensive Q&A sessions to ensure we discuss the topics most of interest to the participants.

The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is for anyone who is involved a large agile adoption. Basic Scrum knowledge is expected. This can be achieved by attending a Certified ScrumMaster courseProfessional ScrumMaster course, or by thoroughly reading Scrum introduction material such as the Scrum Primer and practicing Scrum.

(To view photos and summary of the previous LeSS course (September, 2015) in NYC please click here.)



In this highly interactive course, participants will get a thorough introduction to LeSS, a deep understanding of the underlying principles and the concrete practices to help them to implement LeSS in their own organization.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • The History and Overview of LeSS
  • LeSS Principles
  • Organising by Customer Value

Day 2

  • Organisational Impact
  • Feature Teams
  • What is Your Product?
  • The Product Owner Role in LeSS
  • Defining Done
  • Product Backlog

Day 3

  • The role of Management
  • Adoption in your Organisation
  • The ScrumMaster Role in LeSS
  • LeSS Sprint
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Review & Retrospective
  • Coordination & Integration
  • Technical Excellence
  • Working with multiple sites

There will also be multiple opportunities for participant-driven Q&A sessions.

After course completion

All participants will be a Certified LeSS Practitioner and will get an account on the website. Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information and stay in contact with the other course participants.

All participants get access to the draft of the new upcoming book: Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS.

About the trainer

This workshop will be led by Karim Harbott.  Karim is an experienced enterprise Agile Coach and trainer. He has guided many large organizations through ‘Agile transformations’ and helped them on their journey to continuous improvement in their product development capability.

As a former Head of Scaled Agile at McKinsey & Co. Karim is comfortable operating at all levels of the organization, but specialists in the enterprise level and organizational redesign.

A trained business and executive coach, Karim is well placed to build internal capabilities in an organization; be it developing Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Developers or working at the C-level to help leaders make the changes necessary to enable true, large-scale business agility.

Karim is a Certified Scrum Coach, Certified LeSS Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant and Accredited Kanban Trainer.

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Fallacies of RAG Reports

black_green_black_thin_2Author: Gene Gendel

How Much Can You Trust Your Navigation Instruments?

1944…Imagine you are flying back home from a risky military mission…If you are not able to vividly imagine what this experience is like, please follow this link:

RAG System in Conventional Project Management

Today, the RAG system is still widely used in conventional project management, as the method of rating   issues or reporting on status. The approach is based on the same basic colors: Red, Amber (or Yellow) and Green…

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