Bad Smells: Appraisals and Performance Reviews Influenced by Agile Coaches

black_green_black_thin_2Author: Gene Gendel

Agile/Scrum coaches should not position themselves in ways that will give them an authoritative role within the organization where they coach. Otherwise, organizations/people who get coached will not gain long-lasting learning. They will view coaches as “command and control” figures, and this will lower their chances of developing their own self-sustainable Agile practices and Kaizen culture. Short-term improvements that are based on directives and commands of such “coaches” — this is what organizations may expect, at most.

In his book The Culture Game, Daniel Mezick very well describes the do’s and don’ts of an Agile coach (Chapter 17). This philosophy neatly applies to Agile coaches who operate as consultants. How about coaches who are no longer consultants?…

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